Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Maternity wards use cloth nappies

New mothers in Tayside are being offered the opportunity to "go green" with the introduction of cloth nappies in maternity wards.

Mothers who give birth at units in Angus, Perth and Dundee will be able to try the reusable nappies instead of disposables during their hospital stay.

Audrey McIntyre-Miller, antenatal health coordinator in Perth, said the nappies were modern and easy to use.

The move has been welcomed by a number of organisations.

Kay Forsyth, acting head of midwifery for Tayside, said: "We are providing women with a choice by having real nappies available for use in the maternity wards and letting mums try them before they take their babies home.

Using real nappies instead of disposables dramatically reduces the amount of waste produced by a household
Melanie Nicoll, Perth and Kinross Real Nappy Network

"We advise women to bring nappies into the maternity unit for their baby and, of course, if they want to use disposables they can but this change will allow them to try an alternative."

Phyllis Winter, team leader at Montrose community midwives unit, said that a number of women had already expressed an interest in the nappies.

She added: "I think women are surprised at how different real nappies are from the old terry squares and how easy they are to use.

"They are a much better fit and they look lovely. I think they'll be quite popular here."

Perth and Kinross Real Nappy Network said the introduction of the scheme would send a positive message to parents.

"Using real nappies instead of disposables dramatically reduces the amount of waste produced by a household as well as offering parents the potential to save hundreds of pounds," said Melanie Nicoll, the organisation's project officer.

Mothers who want to continue using the nappies afer leaving hospital will be provided with ongoing support and advice through the Dundee Real Nappy Project and Perth and Kinross Real Nappy Nework.

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