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Expectant Moms Eagerly Look Toward to Due Dates

By Bailey Clark

It is that time of year again. The time of year when on one singular day, we gather together to celebrate and pay homage to the most important women in our lives: our mothers.

For many parents, Mother's Day is a time to reflect on the children they've raised, the memories they've shared, and the joys they've experienced. Yet, for a rare group of young women, this Mother's Day means something entirely different as they await the birth of their new babies.

For these mothers, this occasion is one of anticipation, fear and excitement as they anxiously prepare for the arrival of the newest member of the family.

This holiday not only marks a moment of reverence for the women who have healed, helped and held us throughout our lives, but a time to recognize those who will soon be stepping into the role of mother once again. For three area women, this day is not only in celebration of their current role as parent, but also for everything that lies ahead.
Kristin Thomas

Due Date: Late August

"Expecting just one baby has been so exciting," says 31-year-old Kristin Thomas.

This is a rare statement from an expectant mother who intends to welcome her child into the world using natural homebirth methods. A rare statement, that is, until her 2-year-old twins come charging into view.

"Feeling the baby move this time around has been amazing," she said. "I didn't think it would be that big of a deal to me, but because it's just one, I can feel the baby move a lot more."

Thomas is a stay-at-home mom to fraternal twins, Isaac and Grace, and wife to her arborist husband, Matt Thomas. The family is ecstatic about the soon-to-be arrival of a little boy, whom they have decided to name Daniel.

Although homebirth may seem frightening to many expectant mothers, to Thomas it is a breeze compared to laboring at home with the twins.

"Sometimes I worry about finding enough one-to-one time with each individual child," Thomas admits, adding that "making sure there is enough time" is surely her largest fear.

However, Thomas's first singular pregnancy is not without its own joys.

"We were amazed at how much this baby is moving," she says, "I can see my belly hop around already."

Fruit and ice cream top the list of pregnancy cravings, and as Thomas approaches this latest Mother's Day, she has one goal in mind for her attributes as a parent: "patience."

"Love is the most important thing," the she adds. And if there is any value she hopes her future baby could understand, Thomas can sum it up in one sentence: "To grow up knowing the importance of a personal relationship with God."
Christy Miller

Due Date: Aug. 15

"Surprised and excited," was how Christy Miller, 26, said she felt when recently finding out she and her husband, Ben, were expecting their first child together. As a mother to a young son, Jordan, 8, Miller feels a completely new set of emotions with this pregnancy because she is expecting a baby girl.

"It's exciting how active she is," Miller said. "Jordan was a very calm baby, but with her I can sit on the couch and physically see her moving!"

As a busy insurance career sales agent with American General Insurance, Miller barely can find time between her hectic schedule to put her feet up. "I have to take naps in the evening, or I won't be worth anything later in the day!"

Then again, these days her biggest dilemma seems to be deciding upon a name for the baby girl.

"I keep telling Ben we have to pick one already," she explains, "but we just can't decide."

Names aside, Christy's biggest challenge with the impending birth of her child is certainly one of balance. "Trying to balance when I go back to work when I have a new baby," is the largest concern to date.

She is quick to add though, "With this pregnancy, I'm happy as long as the baby's healthy."

With the celebration of Mother's Day and her happy pregnancy, Miller has two wishes she hopes to give her child: "love and commitment."

Whether she is busy or not, Miller believes in one thing as the key to being a good mother. "Optimism," she says. "Children get enough negative opinions in their lives, and I feel it's our job as parents to make them feel that they can do anything."
Danielle Miller

Due Date: Sept. 7

If you wanted to know how Danielle Miller, 28, is spending this Mother's Day, chances are you will find her cleaning the house.

"I'm fanatical about organizing with this pregnancy," she says, "I'm driving my husband crazy." As stay-at-home mother to daughter, Ivy, 20 months, and wife to painting contractor, Adam, many differences stand out between the arrival of this baby and that of her last.

"I have been sick this entire pregnancy," Danielle admits, "whereas it only lasted a few months with Ivy." In addition, Danielle plans to give birth at home, instead of the hospital setting that welcomed her previously.

Danielle and her husband are choosing not to learn their new child's gender until birth, and the same goes for their choice of names.

"We don't have any names picked out," she says, "when we see the baby, that's when we'll decide."

Despite the excitement of her pregnancy, Danielle still has her own fears as the due date approaches. "I am concerned about the state of the world," she explains, "and bringing an infant into it."

Yet, if she has her way, Danielle is determined to do her best to protect through the job of motherhood.

"I want to home-school my children, raise them with good Christian values, and teach them to have good relationships with people," Daniellesays, with "trust" topping the list of most important value to her as a parent.

This holiday, Danielle had threewishes for her children, as she anticipates the arrival of baby,

"I want them to be my very best friend, to trust me, and to tell me everything," she said.

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